Como dar la retroalimentación correcta en 7 pasos

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comm¡Practiquemos inglés!

¿Cómo sabes qué estás dando la impresión correcta a otras personas con las que trabajas o colaboras?

Te compartimos el siguiente artículo del sitio de LinkedIn: «7 pasos para dar la retroalimentación correcta con elegancia».


7 Steps to give feedback – with grace and elegance


There are only two types of feedback, affirming or adjusting. Many managers fail at giving either, damaging themselves, their colleagues and or the relationship.

The benefits of good constructive feedback, is that it enables the manager to raise the performance, helps build the team as well as enhancing and developing the individual. Trust is also enhanced – big time, if done well.

So how is it done? Here are 7 steps and about 20 words that will enable you to give feedback, with good grace and elegance.

  • Step 1. Ask the person what they did well in the delivery of the project
  • Step 2: Ask what they would do differently
  • Step 3: Ask if they would like feedback (if the answer is no, ask when they would like feedback).
  • Step 4: Repeat any areas that the person has stated as well as add your own
  • Step 5: Say «I have high expectations of you, and I know you have high standards, so this is an area that you may wish to consider doing differently next time…
  • Step 6: Repeat and add more positives (always finish on a positive) -someting like «you could be the best person on the team if….»
  • Step 7: Ask for their feedback, «what do you think?»

Como puedes ver de los consejos anteriores, una parte fundamental consiste en conocer que es lo que la persona a la que comunicas algo lo percibe, así que las preguntas como «¿Qué piensas?», «¿Qué harías en la entrega de proyecto?» y «¿Qué le pareció la retroalimentación?» resultan necesarias.


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