Andrés Barbosa


My name is Andrés, and I’ve taught from ESL students to college lectures for the past 7 years. Currently I work with students from junior high to professionals. I aim to approach students based on their needs, and use their personal incentives to achieve a better understanding.

I really enjoy working at LEEX.

Claudia E. Ochoa Amarillas

Español / Inglés

She holds a BA and a MD in International Business. She got a TEFL certification at the University of Regina in Canada. She has been an English Language Teacher for over 20 years. She was awarded with a Fulbright teacher exchange grant by the USA State Department, where she taught Spanish as a Second Language. She is thrilled to be part of the LEEX community where she is given the opportunity to share her passion: teaching and connecting with students in a more personal environment.

Jesús Eleno Martínez Sánchez


My name is Jesus, I fell in love with teaching English 25 years ago, I have been a teacher in elementary, middle school, high school and university in Mexico and Europe .What is the point of doing something if you are not having fun? Motivate, encourage and inspire students to learn.

Valeria Voitiuk


I’m Valeria, you can also call me Lera! After finishing my Bachelor degree in English, literature and translation in Ukraine, I decided to continue in France. 3 years later, I’ve got my Master degree in Teaching foreign languages and Language policies from the Université du Maine (France).
After gaining valuable classroom experience through my internships, I worked as language teacher with kids, teenagers and adults in Europe and Asia.

Teaching abroad helped me discover that the joy of communication goes beyond language barriers. I think that learning new language can be a great way to connect with people all over the world and understand their cultures!

I enjoy teaching and like helping my students to reach their potential. I believe that everyone can succeed in new language, we just need to find our own way to do so in a fun learning environment.

Paul James Newsham


I am 31 years old and am originally from the Lake District, North West England. I have done many things in my life from building trident nuclear submarines, working as a chef and also spending many years managing a call centre. I have always known that i have experienced privilege and been afforded opportunities.

I decided to teach because in my life i know that i have ignored and wasted a lot of opportunities, things that some people may never even get. Through teaching English i can help to develop language fluency and encourage communication skills – in order to help local people secure higher wages and more job security. I hope to help them access more opportunity themselves and take advantage of the world to a greater extent. I love it here in Mexico and want to help as many people as i can. Everyone should have access to the same opportunities that i have been blessed with so far, just like the opportunity to teach here and to become part of this wonderful culture.

Carolina Vargas


I am Ana Carolina Vargas you an call me Caro. Teaching is my passion. I love to teach in an Affective-Humanistic Approach. Students are my motivation. Working as an English teacher gives me the opportunity to combine inspiration and motivation and the result is passion. Communication skills are very important in this global community.

Juan Carlos Zazueta


My name is Juan Carlos Zazueta and I am a Computer Systems Engineer and an English teacher. Upon graduating as an engineer, I was a Unix instructor for Hewlett Packard Mexico and I found out that I liked teaching. I lived in the United States for 21 years and attended Arizona State University to become a teacher.

I have taught for 21 years, first middle school, then high school, and now LEEX and I can say that I like to make my classes fun. LEEX has given me the opportunity to work with professional adults and it has been a privilege for me to join my students in their journey to acquire a new language. I like to pass along to my students what I learned while I was in the US, like pronunciation tips and common expressions.

Stephanie Stevens


Hi! My name is Stephanie, but you can call me Steph! Everyone else does. I am 25 years old and I was born in El Paso, Texas USA. I lived my whole life there besides the time I spent in Las Cruces, New Mexico, while I was in college. I studied Animal Science at New Mexico State University and graduated in 2016. While studying for my degree I attended various workshops and private studies that dealt primarily in English Literature, as well as English composition seminars. After graduation, I decided I needed something new in my life, and I really wanted to immerse myself into my Mexican culture.

I embarked on an adventure that has led me to Cd. Obregon, and I have to say it’s been a great ride. I would love to share my knowledge of the English language and share the subtle nuances that you learn from living in the United States. I love meeting new people, and I especially love my students, because I learn so much from them! Come get to know me!

Clarissa Flores Chong


Maestra en Educación Clarissa Flores Chong recibió su grado de licenciatura en la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional y su grado de Maestría en la Universidad de Quebec en Tres-Ríos, Canadá. Certificada en la enseñanza del inglés por la Universidad de Regina en Saskatchewan, Canadá y en la enseñanza del idioma francés por la Escuela Internacional de Francés de la Universidad de Quebec en Canadá, Clarissa ha enseñado inglés, francés y español por más de 20 años en distintos niveles educativos.

Su técnica de enseñanza favorece la interacción de sus estudiantes con el objetivo de desarrollar competencias de comunicación efectiva. En 2011 funda el Corporativo de Lenguas Extranjeras donde aseguramos la adquisición de idiomas para hablarle al mundo ¡Bienvenidos a LEEX!

María Trapero Dávila

Directora Académica

Maria is passionate about Education and believes in the importance of the role of the teachers and the difference they make in their students lives. She has devoted her professional life to English Language Teaching and advocating for teachers.

She holds a BA in Pedagogy, a MD in Education and several diplomas and certifications as an English Language Teacher and a Teacher Trainer. She has been a teacher and a teacher trainer and a speaker at national and international events for over 25 years. She has been involved in the Mexican Association of English Language Teachers MEXTESOL for many years, she was a member of the Executive Board holding different positions including National President and Convention Chair. She is the ESL Coordinator at a private school (K-12), an Examiner for International Exams and an Academic Consultant for National Geographic Learning.

She has been very happy and proud to collaborate at LEEX since January 2018 and be a part of this great project which empowers people by learning a second or third language.

Jorge Arturo Estrada Pazos

Coordinador Administrativo

Hola soy Jorge Estrada, Lic. En Economía y Finanzas, me gusta la música y el deporte especialmente el futbol, disfruto trabajar en LEEX donde aplico mis conocimientos y experiencia en el área administrativa. Es grato para mí ser parte de esta gran familia LEEX y poder aportar mi granito de arena para que personas de todas las edades logren el dominio de idiomas extranjeros.

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